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Do you have an issue with the cruise industry? Are you ready to vent your frustrations in a forum where people have experienced the same wretched journey? Have you recently fallen from a cruise ship, say, in the Gulf of Mexico?


We Feel Your Pain! is just for you! This site was started to give everyone a chance to write about their experiences with the various cruise lines.

This is not just a chat forum or a pity blog, this is a way to show the cruise industry that passengers can fight back against the poor service, the rude and discourteous staff, the inept crew, and even the bad food!

We are putting together a new forum, so be patient while we work on that.


What Is Wretched Journeys?

Aside from being a clever (we think) name to reference the sea-sickness we get on a bad cruise, Wretched Journeys is the glib answer to said travel travails!

We are building, and we thank you for asking.



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